The Insurgency Began and You Missed It

October 30, 2014

This episode was updated in June 2018. Frank talks about the present Insurgence. The episode includes the first interview he did on the Insurgence (the gospel of the kingdom), a theme that is expanded in his new book INSURGENCE: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. A fitting music trailer by R.E.M. begins and ends the episode.

The Ultimate Issue

October 16, 2014

Frank Viola author delivers a stirring message at a conference in Tennessee. There is no music trailer for this episode. 

A Word to the Hardcore & An Invitation to Two Special Events

October 2, 2014

Updated in 2017: Frank gives a word to the "hardcore" - those who are "all in" with respect to following the Lord - and he extends a personal invitation to two of his annual events. Note that the reference to Elijah begins in 1 Kings 18 but continues through 1 Kings 19.